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Cooperative Member Residential Phone Services

(667) Cross Plains/Friendship(744) Moores Hill
(839) Canaan(873) San Jacinto/Commiskey

  Residential Rates (per Month)
Single Line$17.45

  Calling Features (per Month)
Anonymous Call Rejection$2.00
Automatic Call Back$2.00
Automatic Recall$2.00
Call Forward$1.75
Call Forward Busy$1.75
Call Forward No Answer$1.75
Call Transfer$1.75
Call Waiting$1.75
Caller Name and Number (w/o Call Waiting)$5.00
Changed Number Intercept$5.00
Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting$3.00
One (1) Plus Blocking$3.00
Remote Call Forwarding$8.00
Selective Call Acceptance$3.00
Selective Call Rejection$3.00
Selective Call Forwarding$3.00
Selective Line (Teen Line)$4.00
Speed Calling 8 Numbers$1.50
Speed Calling 30 Numbers$1.75
Three Way Calling$1.50
Voicemail (up to 15mins for up to 3 days)$3.00
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  Calling Features (one time charge)
900 Number Blocking$8.58

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