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Madison Phone Services (574)

Service area includes parts of the Hilltop and surrounding area in Madison. Call our Customer Service Department to see if you reside in our CLEC Local Service Area, Madison.

  Residential Rates (per Month)
Residential Line (Dial Tone Service)$10.00
Business Line (Dial Tone Service)$14.00
Residential Line with DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)$49.95
"Dry" DSL (DSL without Dial Tone Service)$39.95
Super Communicator Bundle (Dial Tone, CID, CWT, 150 LD min, and DSL)$52.98

  Calling Features (per Month)
Anonymous Call Rejection$2.00
Automatic Call Back$2.00
Automatic Recall$2.00
Call Forward$1.75
Call Forward Busy$1.75
Call Forward No Answer$1.75
Call Transfer$1.75
Call Waiting$1.75
Caller Name and Number (w/o Call Waiting)$5.00
Changed Number Intercept$5.00
Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting$3.00
One (1) Plus Blocking$3.00
Remote Call Forwarding$8.00
Selective Call Acceptance$3.00
Selective Call Rejection$3.00
Selective Call Forwarding$3.00
Selective Line$4.00
Speed Calling 8 Numbers$1.50
Speed Calling 30 Numbers$1.75
Three Way Calling$1.50
Voice Mail$5.00

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  Calling Features (one time charge)
900 Number Blocking$8.58

  SEI Long Distance
No Monthly Fee$.07/min

  DSL Equipment Maintenance (optional, per month)
Warranty covers equipment and trip charge$8.35

Not included - All accounts are charged monthly federally mandated subscriber line fees totaling $7.00 for single line or $12.00 for multi-line, a telecommunications relay fee of $0.03, and a 911 emergency service fee of $1.00, plus applicable federal and state tax. Long distance rate is based on direct dialed calls made within the contiguous United States, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not included - universal long distance connectivity fee of $1.50. Super Communicator Plan calls are billed as made at volume discount rate and long distance minutes exceeding the number of minutes in the bundle will be billed at $0.09 per minute. There is a 1-year contract requirement for DSL equipment. Time & Expense will be charged for additional equipment and jacks. These charges are subject to change, please call to verify current charges.

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