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CLEC Expansion Area Pricing

We are constantly seeking to expand our service area. Call our Customer Service Department to see if you reside in our CLEC Expansion Area.

Dial Tone Service
           Call Waiting
          3-way calling
           Unlimited long distance

Fiber Broadband Only
Broadband Speed
           Broadband Price
Premium Broadband Price
100/100  FB
500/500  FP
Static (Sticky) IP - $24.95

FB - Fiber Boost
FP - Fiber Premium
FE - Fiber Extreme
          * Includes EquipCare Plan
** Includes EquipCare with
a 24/7 Response

Both Packages include a Managed Wi-Fi Router

  Dial Tone Services Calling Features [Ala Carte] (per Month)
Anonymous Call Rejection$2.00
Automatic Call Back$2.00
Automatic Recall$2.00
Call Forward$1.75
Call Forward Busy$1.75
Call Forward No Answer$1.75
Call Transfer$1.75
Call Waiting$1.75
Caller Name and Number (w/o Call Waiting)$5.00
Changed Number Intercept$5.00
Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting$3.00
One (1) Plus Blocking$3.00
Remote Call Forwarding$8.00
Selective Call Acceptance$3.00
Selective Call Rejection$3.00
Selective Call Forwarding$3.00
Selective Line$4.00
Speed Calling 8 Numbers$1.50
Speed Calling 30 Numbers$1.75
Three Way Calling$1.50
Voice Mail$5.00

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Internet Tech Support
Available 24x7
800-925-6746 | 812-574-8800 | 812-667-8800
812-744-8800 | 812-839-8800 | 812-873-8800
Cellular Technical Support
Monday through Friday ~ 8:00am to 4:30pm

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